Geek Radio Daily Weekly #2

Show notes below.  Hi.  Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit here.  Funny thing about our lovable duo. They really are like monkeys with an abacus.  At 5:30EST, I went in and fixed the file name. Somehow they managed to put a character in there that doesn’t exist in the english language, thereby mucking up the feed.  It’s now available for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy.

Show Notes:
Sorry For The Delay

Hey… The Bruce Is Here

Geeky Weeks

Break Time

Apologies For The Audio Quality You Are About To Hear

Sam Chupp Interview… Why Does It Sound Like That??? (It Never Will Again)

Fit Club Stuff

Better Sounding Eppy And Better Show Notes Next Time

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One Response to Geek Radio Daily Weekly #2

  1. SG Dave says:

    I can’t get the show to play. I think it has to do with the fact that you have spaces in the file name.

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