Geek Readio Daily Mar 5th 2008

Welcome To The First Wednesday Of March!

TV Pages

Geek Mail

  • Dave Says Skip The New Indy Box Set And Sees Cobra Commander Has An Eating Disorder
  • Simon Send A Message
  • KapnKrunch Reflects On The Father Of Gaming
  • Michael Really Needs To Listen To The Show On A More Timely Basis


The Vicar Was Kidnapped

New Comics

Geek News

  • The Father Of Gaming… Ernest Gary Gygax Has Shed This Mortal Coil
  • You Can Never Leave Your Windows Computer Alone Again
  • No Dragonball Movie For You This Year
  • The CW Has Had To Let Some Folks Go
  • Avalon Hill Celebrates 50
  • Privateer PressĀ  To Bring About Monsterpocalypse
  • Pics Of Liev Schreiber With The Sabretooth MuttonChops
  • Uwe Boll Is The Most Deluded Man On The Planet

See ya tomorrow

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