Geek Radio Daily Mar 6th 2008

Welcome To Thursday

A Quick Guide To Different Sounding Words

TV Pages

Geek Mail

  • KapnKrunch Says Thank For Mentioning Some Twisted Funny Comics Known As The Parking Lot Is Full
  • Carl Likes Some Podiobooks. Which Is Good.

Break (PodioBooks)

New PodioBooks

  • The Failed CitiesĀ  Monolouges
  • Scott Sigler’s Infected Is Coming To Hardcover
  • The Chameleon Chronicles: Colors Of Fate
  • The Onion Files

Geek News

  • No New Season Of 24 But You Can Have A TV Movie
  • Patrick Swayze Has Pancreatic Cancer
  • Xbox 360 Price Drops!!! In Europe
  • Girl Scout Cookies Are Available On eBay
  • Watchmen Costume Pics Are Up And They Look SWEET!

Get Better Patrick!

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