Geek Radio Daily Mar 14th 2008

Happy Pi Day!!!!!

GRD Will Be At Stellarcon This Weekend

TV Pages

Geek Mail

  • Brian Is Glad The Vicar Reads Worse Than He Types
  • Kapnkrunch Will Be At Origins With Running Games Exclusively For GRD!
  • Shay Walks Her Dogs And Scares The Neighbors And Mentions A Show We Should Listen To
  • Steve At Vocalo LikesĀ  GRD And Will Interview The Vicar And Billy Flynn Tues At 8pm EST

Break (Mr. Adventure)

New Movie Releases…. Maybe Horton Will Be Good

Geek News

  • The Incredible Hulk Movie Might Have A Fight Over Tone And Direction Of The Final Cut
  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows To Be Two Movies
  • Harvey Dent Is Running For DA Of Gotham And He Might Be Coming To Your City
  • Snoop Dogg To Appear On And Remix The Theme For One Life To Lizzle

See Ya Monday…. Go Have A Pi!

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