GRD Weekly #4 – Scott Sigler And World Domination

Happy Spring!!

Can You Believe The Show Is Actually Weekly?

Raise The Drops

Geeky Week

  • The Bruce
  • Billy Flynn
  • The Vicar

GRD News

  • The Vicar And The Bruce Will Be At Ravencon
  • The Vicar And Billy Flynn Will Be At Balticon

Geek Fit Club

  • Flynn Finally Gets Back To Walking
  • The Vicar Does not Listen To Professionals

Break  (Infected)

Scott Sigler Interview (3 Things Learned)

  • Now We Can Fear Legos
  • Bathes In The Icky
  • Helps Us All Love Footbal

Infected Is Out In Hardback And You Need To Make It #1

Wait… I Can Win An Autographed Copy?

Please Send Mail So The Vicar Will Stop Feeling Ronery

Oh And The Bruce Has An Email Now

See Ya Monday

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2 Responses to GRD Weekly #4 – Scott Sigler And World Domination

  1. SG Dave says:

    Hey guys, just for you, here’s something a little wrong that’s Brawl related 🙂

    Also, the NBA rules! Go Suns!

  2. flynn says:

    That is as funny as it is wrong.

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