GRDWeekly #11 – Bring On The Bad Guys

Welcome To The Scary Upstairs Vicar Room

Geeky Week

  • The Bruce has the Iron Man PC Game, Watched BSG And Calls Out A Prof
  • Flynn BitTorrented, Bought Tickets For The Skull And Read Buncha Comics
  • The Vicar Read Some Comics, Learned A Tiny Bit More Of Photoshop And Drank Red Bull

Fit Club

  • That 8 Glasses Of Water A Day Thing? Yeah.. It’s BS.
  • Always Do Something Even If It Is Not The Full Thing You Planned
  • We Weigh In Again Next Week


Bring On The Bad Guys

  • A Look At Our Favorite Villains From TV, Movies, Comics, Cartoons And Books

Well That Certainly Went Well

See Ya Next Time… Provided We Think Of A Topic

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