GRD Weekly #12 – Geeky Music

Tonight…… Back To The Vicarage!!

Geeky Week

  • The Bruce Did Chores, Watched BSG And Played More Iron Man
  • Flynn Watched Street Fighter, The Indy Trilogy And Read Lots O’Comics
  • The Vicar Read Some Comics, Watch Casino Royale And Did Not Hate X3 As Much

GRD News

  • Have You Stopped By The GRD Store? They Have Panties!
  • Hey!!! We Have A VoiceMail Number
  • Balticon Is Just A Few Days Away And We Are On Some Panels

Fit Club

  • Weigh In Time
  • The Crew Lost Some Weight And Some Fat
  • Join The Fit Club And Be Ready For DragonCon


Geeky Music – In Which We Discuss Parodies, Dr. Demento And Various Beloved Geeky Musicians.

Yes We Mention The Revenge Of The Nerds Song

No… That Other Song We Forgot

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