Geek Radio Daily July 10th 2008

Welcome To A Drier Thursday… Dry Cause Darius Rucker Left Town

TV Pages

Geek Mail

  • Scott Loves The Outer Banks And Will Let Us Stay With His Parents
  • Onkel Thorsen Has A Few Smurfin Zealand Issues To Smurf With
  • Chris Just Got Back From A Jonathan Coulton Show And Says It Smurfin’ Rocked!
  • Dave Remembers Cosby Humming And Thinks The Vicar Is A Pro
  • David Has A Pic Of An Amazing Smurfin’ Cake Which We Will Have In The Forums
  • Walter Says The Hulk Vs. Wolverine Trailer Is Up


New Podiobooks

  • Edwin Alexander’s Theft Of The Master Is The Boys From Brazil Meets The DaVinci Code
  • Robert R.Best’s 9 Story Horror Anthology All Things Kill Is Up To You To Figure Out The Concept

Geek News

We Are Getting Closer And Closer To DragonCon!

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