GRD Weekly #19 – The Dark Knight

We Are Taping At Flynn’s Tonight!!

Going To See The Dark Knight At Midnight!!!

The Vicar Is Out Not Being Geeky So Tonight We Have Guests

Geeky Week

  • Listened To Playing For Keeps, Took A Class About Podcasting For Students And Read Twilight Series
  • The Bruce Watched Batman Unmasked, Played Munchkin At The vicarag And Saw Dr. Horrible
  • Wolffie Is Taking Someone Through Doctor Who And Worked On Computers
  • Flynn Read Some Comics, Watched Batman Gotham Knight (8 Pants) And Futurama

GRD Mail

Koey Is Concerned About Vicar Injuries

  • Kapnkrunch Relives Some 80’s Action Show Moments
  • Frank Knows Lucas Stole Kingdom Of Crystal Skulls From Another Work
  • Dave Calls Out The Vicar And Forgets To Send Clips
  • Howard Says Our RSS Feed Is Goofy On Itunes (Not On Zune)
  • PRS Has A Fix Idea For The Feed
  • Arakis Hopes The Dark Knight Is As Good As The Watchmen Trailer

GRD Fit Club

  • The Bruce Gives A Shout Out To All The Hard Working Geeps In The Fit Club

We Are Gonna Go The Movies!!!!!!!!


GRD Street Crew

  • At Virginia Center Commons On Line For The Midnight Showing Of The Dark Knight

Uhmmmm Wow… so the voice recorder treated us like poo..

A Wrap Up From The Gang… Provided We get Wolffie’s Laptop Back Up.

So Thought It Was Lost Forever… Recovered A Bad Audacity Crash..But Here Is The Show

Sleep Well!


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