Geek Radio Daily July 24th 2008

Weekend Eve And People Are Using Hammers Very Near By

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  • Dave Says There Is Only One Eeyore
  • Darryn Says We Rock And That The Dark Knight Rocks
  • Jeff Understands The Yummy Goodness That Is Lisa Loeb And Natalie Merchant


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  • Kimberly Steele, the author of Forever Fifteen writes that Canadian director, Eva Madden, plans to adapt Forever Fifteen to script and within a few years, my book may become a movie! Lucy Albert is not your ordinary maladjusted suburban adolescent. Born into the era of the Black Plague in medieval Italy, Lucy is chosen as a mate by the sinister vampire Sebastianus against her will. Struggling to survive in a modern world she cannot identify with, Lucy isn’t looking for attention.

  • Theodore Isaac Erski starts us off on a good note this week, providing you with all 11 episodes of his audiobook, Salavandra: A Coffee Tale:Salavandra is an isolated Caribbean island. Its products-coffee, lumber and flowers-are controlled by Penkava Inc., a New York based multinational commodity corporation. After discovering that Penkava is responsible for his father’s death, as well as the abysmal working conditions on the island, coffee farmer Antonio Richards ignites a revolution in the midst of a harvest season. Branding his infant insurgency The United Front for the Liberation of Salavandra (UFLS), he begins fighting the unbridled capitalistic forces controlling his country.

  • Greg Crites today launches his third book on the site, Dunkin the Vampire Slayer. The author has requested this be listed as an Adults-Only title, so consider yourselves warned What could possibly bring together a 450 pound vampire slayer, a drunken, acid-tongued detective, a good natured carpenter, bureaucratic vampires, giant anacondas, mutant vampire bats, Ho Hos, Twinkies and more one-liners than a night at the comedy club?

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Friday Friday Friday Is Almost Here!

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