GRDWeekly #20 – The Chosen One

We Are Back In The Studio!!

We Are Still Vicarless

Geeky Week

  • Flynnstress – Watched Some Rifftrax, Saw Wall-E And Got A Part In Power In The Blood
  • The Bruce – Got Rained On At Fallout, Went To Ren Faire And Listened To Space Casey
  • Flynn Read Some Comic, Played Apples To Apples

GRD News

Geek Mail

  • Kory Loved The Dark Knight Credits
  • David Is Outraged Over The Dismissal Of Christian Rock
  • Carl Calls Us Bad Names As Trivia Stumped Him
  • Butch Asks Supes Vs Bats
  • A Wise Guy Letter About Fit Club
  • PRS Adds His Own Look At 80’s Shows

GRD Fit Club

  • It’s All About The Portions…
  • Use Small Portions Of Very Bad For You Things As A Reward
  • GRD Weigh In Is Next Week


Main Topic – The Chose One

  • An Animated Film By Chris Lackey And Chad Fifer
  • Cast Includes Tim Curry, Lance Heinriksen, Chris Sarandon, Laura Pepron, Danielle Fishel And Traci Lords
  • Lou Has A Very Very Bad Day Including Car Crushing Bear Attacking Moments And Ends Up The Chosen One Of The Church Of Frank
  • The Gang Talks About Liking The Story And Wanting To See More
  • Flynnstress 71/2 Pants, The Bruce 8 Pants, Flynn 7 Pants = GRD 7 1/2 Pants Rating
  • The Chosen One Available August 26th

Oh And A Quick Spoiler Filled Look At The Dark Knight

GRD Trivia

  • Congrats To Frank For Knowing The Answer To The 80’s Action Show Sound Clip Was Automan

Next Week The Vicar *Should* Be Back… WHo Knows Where We Will Be

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