GRD Weekly #22 – Soundtracks

The Gang Convenes At The Vicarage But Downstairs

The Vicar Is Drinking

Geeky Week

  • Flynn Saw Pineapple Express, Once And That Awesome Watchmen Moving Comic
  • The Bruce Was Right About The Mole, Looking For A Podiobook And Got Rid Of The Kids
  • The Vicar Read Comics, Finished Indexing His Book And Bitched About Vampire

Geek Mail

  • Phoenix Got A Promotion
  • Dave Will Not Complain About A Lack Of Mail Anymore
  • Jabba Saw A Doghouse
  • C A Sizemore Regales Us With RPG Talk
  • Dave Realizes He Is Jabba

GRD News

  • Pub Crawl Is Coming November 15th
  • DragonCon Is In Just A few Weeks

GRD Fit Club

  • Mix Up Your Routine
  • Never Write Yourself Off
  • Flynn Is Looking Forward To taking His Shirt Off For Hot Teacher Friends


Main Topic – Soundtracks

  • The Guys Talk Various Soundtracks They Truly Love
  • Yes We Have Lots Of Soundtracks

GRD Trivia

  • Name The Clip And Email Your Answer To
  • You Have 2 Weeks To Name The Song, Movie it Is From And Who Sang It
  • Good Luck

See Ya Next Time!

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