GRD Weekly 23 – Star Wars Spinoffs

Two Eppys In A Row With Everyone? Inconceivable!

Geeky Week

  • Flynn Played Some Games, Read Some Comics And Did Some Lines For A Podiobooks
  • The Bruce
  • Vicar

GRD News

  • DragonCon Is Next Weekend Baby!!
  • Yeah… We Got Nominated
  • GRD Pub Crawl Happens In November So Claim Your Spaces

GRD Mail

  • Frank Got His Prize In
  • Sarah And Friend Show That Sexual Harassment Is Cool For Women To Do
  • Balddog Reports In After A Con… Tells Us About The Crying
  • Jabba Calls With Thoughts On Life
  • Fit Club Question

GRD Fit Club


Main Topic – Star Wars Spinoffs

  • A Look At Other Visions From The Star Wars Universe
  • What Worked And What Did Not
  • A Bonus Look At Star Wars The Clone Wars

You Have One Week Left For Trivia…. Good Luck!

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