GRD Weekly #24 – Poe Boys

The Bruce Could Not Make It Tonight As He Is Watching Full House

Geeky Week

  • Flynnstress Is Getting Ready For School, Won The Poker Game And Read Book 4 Of Twilight
  • Flynn Played More Bionic Commando, Caught Up On Some Podcasts And Had Original Spam
  • The Vicar Read More Strangers In Paradise, Did A Wee Bit O Gaming And Played Wiith The Daughters

GRD News

  • DragonCon Is This Weekend
  • Pub Crawl Is In November… Get Ready

Geek Mail

  • Marty Likes Talking About Soundtracks
  • Big Orange Michael Thinks A Better Writer Could Have Saved Jar Jar
  • Grenge Thinks Tomb Raider Was Awesome
  • Jabba Finally Hears 80’s Action Shows
  • Big Orange Michael Measures Up
  • Jabba Explains His Plans
  • CA Sizemore Has A Complaint
  • Jabba Gives Feedback While Still Listening
  • Phoenix Takes The Kid To See The Clone Wars
  • Guess What Game Jabba Wants To Play?
  • Sam Sets The Gay Bar And Is Sad At The Missing Of DragonCon
  • Jabba Mocks The Speaking Ability Of Others
  • A Word FromThe Patron Saint Of GRD…. Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit


Main Topic – Edgar Allen Poe

See Ya At DragonCon Or Here Afterwards!

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