GRD Weekly #27 – Fall Tv Preview

Where Are We?

Geeky Week

  • Flynn
  • The Bruce
  • Vicar

GRD News

  • Halloween At Fallout
  • Pub Crawl Is Saturday November 15th

Geek Mail

  • Jabba Talks September 11th
  • Sam Is NOT Jabba
  • The Doctor Buys The Force Unleashed
  • Churtle Is Quite Clever
  • The Doctor Has Something Else To Say
  • A Weight Lifting Question For The Bruce
  • Anna Wants To Hook Up
  • Franc Is Trying To Trick Us
  • The Doctor and the Apprentice

GRD Fit Club


Main Topic – Fall Tv Preview

  • A Look At New Shows For The Year
  • Returning Shows
  • And More Babbling That Ends Up Being About Boobs

Well That Was Fun Wasn’t It?

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