Geek Radio Daily October 9th 2008

Weekend Eve And All Is Well

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  • Jonathan Wants a 150 Incher


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Want FREE audio fiction? Podiobooks .com has got it! Here’s what’s new this week:


  • · Ron Vitale returns to the site, today making available the start of his fantasy tale Dorothea’s Song: Peter is your typical high school student, but when his mother’s failing marriage to his stepfather begins to split his family apart he copes by dreaming up the story of Dorothea, an elf who lives in the magical Bois d’or forest. Best of all, it has a vaguely phallic cover!
  • · Enter Emmy Z. Madrigal’s world of musical romance as she launches the first book of her series, Sweet Dreams: 21 year old entertainment manager Rob Malloy may seem to have everything a man could want. However, he longs to meet a woman he can share his life with!!!
  • · Richard S. Tuttle releases the sequel to Origin Scroll today, diving further into his Young Adult fantasy world in Dark Quest: The evil magician, Sarac, has been banished to another Universe, but his followers strive to free him. Sarac’s assistant. Mordac, gathers hundreds of dark magicians and instructs them to gather every book in the world, no matter what it takes.


Join the Podiobooks bandwagon! It’s easy, free, and awesome. As soon as you finish listening to today’s edition of GeekRadioDaily, take your attention and your fingers over to!

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