Geek Radio Daily October 16th 2008

  • Weekend Eve And All Is Well

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  • Anna Says We Are Lesbians…. True
  • Jonathan Says We Are Right… We Accept Your Apology
  • Brad Has Problems Seeing A New Rhodey


New Podiobooks

Want FREE audio fiction? Podiobooks .com has got it! Here’s what’s new this week:


  • Andy Remic blasts his way on the site, releasing his printed novel Spiral as a free serialized audiobook: Where conventional armies are powerless to defend against a single assassin, the secret organisation known as SPIRAL exists to fight a shadow war against fanatics and rogue states of every faith and political persuasion. Remorseless, unstoppable, of every country and of none, SPIRAL agents conduct their covert operations throughout the world in a never-ending battle for civilisation’s survival.But now SPIRAL itself is under attack, and if SPIRAL falls the world falls with it…
  • Derek Gilbert joins the ranks of others making freely available serialized audiobooks. His new title is Iron Dragons: Book 1 – The Saramond Quests: Davian is a Third Level Master of The Order, a group of men who alone have the power to battle the most fearsome creatures on all of Saramond. For thousands of years, the brothers of The Order have protected their world.Now something has upset the balance of power between man and dragon, and Davian must face what appears to be a dragon that cannot be seen.
  • Mark Jeffrey has just posted the final three episodes of Max Quick 2: The Two Travelers. Mark was one of the “first five” here on, and fans from the early days have been waiting for patiently for the sequel. For those who were waiting; now you can get all 29 episodes of this serialized audiobook at once!


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Hang Those Stockings Cause Weekend Clause Comes Tonight

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