Geek Radio Daily November 6th 2008

Is That A Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

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The 24th and final episode of Andrew S. Leiter’s The Chameleon Chronicles: Colors of Fate is now available. Andrew Webbur's journey of Fate begins when he is confronted by his long time nemesis, Jason Vanzant. Jason accuses Andrew of stealing his girlfriend and confronts him with violent repercussions.
William Bostock hits the site with a splash, releasing all 28 episodes of his serialized audiobook, Searching for My Wives: One and one-half million years ago, Humankind struggles to emerge from the protohuman stocks in Africa. Two groups of souls collide!
Andy Remic today makes available War Machine: In a time of post-Singularity and FTL travel, Combat K are elite and murderous combat squads trained by the Quad-Gal Military specialising in interrogation, infiltration, assassination and detonation. Their gameplan is simple: to end The Helix War, which had raged across galaxies for a thousand years.


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Cruise Control And The Weekend Is Here

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