Geek Radio Daily November 13th 2008

Progress Only Happens If We Make It Happen

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  • Jonathan Asks Our Opinion On The Karate KidCasting
  • PRS Forwards Us A Cool Offer From Tabletop Games


Podiobooks Update

Want FREE audio fiction? Podiobooks .com has got it! Here’s what’s new this week: (seriously, it’s just this one new one this week. I say we blame Evo!


· Arlene Radasky’s fantasy tale, The Fox, is now complete with twenty seven chapters; Jahna and Lovern’s clan lay in the Romans’ path of destruction. The death of their people is a certainty, unless a bargain is made with the Gods, even if it means a human sacrifice. Will the trade the Druid Lovern, and his visionary wife, Jahna make with the Gods, save their family?


Join the Podiobooks bandwagon! It’s easy, free, and awesome. As soon as you finish listening to today’s edition of GeekRadioDaily, take your attention and your fingers over to!

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Now Off To Make More Progress

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