Geek Radio Daily Decmeber 11th 2008

Mr. Noah May I Borry Your Ark?

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Want FREE audio fiction? Podiobooks .com has got it! Here’s what’s new this week:

The latest book from gore-fest master Scott Sigler is getting started. A sequel to Infected, you are invited to begin listening to Contagious

What do you get when you take one story and split it up across eight different podcast authors? Pieces, compiled by Nobilis: Joan’s world has literally fallen apart. She lives in one tiny piece of the shattered universe, bounded on all sides by shimmering veils. When the creator god, calling himself “Cassius”, stumbles into the cathedral where she lives, she is drawn into an adventure of cosmic proportions. The story is told through the cracked lens of seven experienced podcast authors. Nobilis, Christiana Ellis, Chris Lester, Graydancer, Paul S. Jenkins, Philippa Ballantine, Brandon Crose and John Tanzer take turns, chapter by chapter writing and reading episodes of the story.

James Melzer, author of the free serialized audiobook The Zombie Chronicles: Escape, and he has a new contest: To celebrate the sale of his first novel trilogy to Permuted Press, you can design his very first tattoo that is going to be put on his body – FOREVER! Link –


Join the Podiobooks bandwagon! It’s easy, free, and awesome. As soon as you finish listening to today’s edition of GeekRadioDaily, take your attention and your fingers over to!

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