Geek Radio Daily December 18th 2008

Is It Weekend Eve Yet?

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New Podiobooks

Want FREE audio fiction? Podiobooks .com has got it! Here’s what’s new this week:

Please welcome Rob Cummins to the site, as he beings releasing a serialized auiobook version of his fictional tale, Meme: Molly is a thought, an idea who is born to do one thing, to communicate herself into as many other minds as possible. However, things are not as simple as they should be.
Welcome Keith Latch to the site. Today he’s starting to release a free serialized audiobook version of his book, Sleepwalker: Night after night, beautiful young women are murdered in the city of Memphis. The police have no clues and it all comes down to Detective Renee Juliard, a tough, gritty woman not very well liked among her collegaues, to save the city from the fear that continues to build like an enraged hurricane.

The 18th and final installment of Doctor Jack’s Soapbox Seminars is available. This series of lectures is the companion piece to Singularity, a science fiction novel by Bill DeSmedt. The book was really more a fiction tale where science was featured heavily, but I’m not going to split hairs.The Soapbox Seminars delves into the science behind Singularity. The physics can get pretty deep, but Dr. John C. Adler (as personified by Bill) keeps it light(er) and interesting. If your interested in particle physics, black holes and how strange things get when they get really small, you’ll enjoy both books. And they are both available as free serialized audiobooks right here on


Join the Podiobooks bandwagon! It’s easy, free, and awesome. As soon as you finish listening to today’s edition of GeekRadioDaily, take your attention and your fingers over to!

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