Geek Radio Daily January 8th 2009

Happy Birthday New Year!

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GRD Mail

  • Tomavsky Sends Well Wishes
  • Kory Know The Vicar’s Limits
  • Jonathan Jumped The Shark
  • Dave Blames Jonathan
  • Angie…. Well I hope You Are Not Norman Bates


New Podiobooks

  • Seth Harwood, the undisputed master of crime podcast fiction, returns to This time it’s with a collection of short stories called CrimeWAV: new podcast series of crime short stories by some of today’s best contemporary writers in the genre. Call it detective fiction, hard boiled, action, mystery, whatever you want. This is the place for the stories you’ll love.

  • Kirk Warrington has posted the final episodes of his fantasy-game-gone-wrong novel, DarkAge: A group of friends playing a fantasy role-playing game, DarkAge, become trapped inside the game as their characters. Many of their past gaming decisions will come back to haunt them. Will our heroes find their way back home? Will they want to go back home?

  • Remy Gibson launches Checkwolf – Book 3; examining the aftereffects of the drama from the end of the previous book, as well as introducing a major new threat to the organization and city they are sworn to protect, all while the team tries to maintain unity within the ranks.

Geek News

Did You Get The New Year A Present?

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