GRDsWeekly 58 – Toy Pitches

And Now For Something Completely The Same

Geeky Week

  • Flynstress
  • Bruce
  • Flynn

GRD News

  • DragonCon Labor Day Weekend
  • GRD Pub Crawl Nov14th… See Ya There

GRD Mail

  • Zach Remembers When
  • Rick Likes True Blood
  • Skylar Wants To Know Our Gun Thoughts
  • Jonathan Has A Twilight Thought
  • Chris Has A Twilight Idea

GRD Fit Club

  • All The Geek Without The Weight


GRDsWeekly58 – Toy Pitches

  • Toy Movies… Really?
  • What About Our Toy Movie Ideas?
  • What About YOUR Ideas?
  • Win A Prize If Ya Can

Have Fun With The Meteor Shower

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