GRDsWeekly 77 – The Lost Art Of TV Themes

How Else Would You Know What A Show Is About?

Geeky Week

  • Flynstress
  • Bruce
  • Flynn

GRD Mail

  • Craig Likes The Flynnstress
  • Ryan Talks 3D
  • Dragon Master Sends A Note
  • Anna Doesn’t Like Duke
  • Jonathan Has A Hulk Question
  • Doctor FOOL
  • Jonathan HasA Bludhaven Question
  • Endigo & The Doctor

GRD News

GRD Fit Club

  • All The Geek Without The Wait


GRDsWeekly 77 – The Lost Art Of TV Themes

  • What Were They
  • What Are They Noiw
  • Why Did This Change?
  • Favorites?

See Ya This Weekend!

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One Response to GRDsWeekly 77 – The Lost Art Of TV Themes

  1. What a great discussion on TV themes. Thank you.

    As I was listening, I started thinking about franchises and their themes. I know that Sean Callery wrote an entire theme for 24, but only about 30 seconds makes it into the end credits.

    I also thought about the Stargate franchise, and found it interesting that SG-1 and Atlantis had opening themes, but Universe doesn’t.

    TV themes are certainly a lost art, and I would love to see a return. Thanks for the show!

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