GRDsWeekly 93 – GRD Can’t Lose (DragonCon 2010)

If You Are Standing You Better Sit

Geeky Week

  • Corin Nemec

GRD News

  • News??? We Have Corin Nemec!!!

GRD Mail

  • Ryan Also Scares Cracker Barrel Patrons
  • Jonathan Had A Good Idea
  • Christian Asks About Reach
  • Anna Is Proud Of Jane
  • Good Burger?
  • Endigo Bores Corin


GRDsWeekly 93 – GRD Can’t Lose (DragonCon 2010)

  • The Amazingly Talented (and good sported) Corin Nemec Joins Us
  • Check Out Star-Ving & Get Ready For Supernatural
  • Vist Crackle For The Awesome Star-Ving & Corin’s Fan Site
  • GRD Can’t Lose

See Ya Next Year DragonCon!!

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