GRDsWeekly 147 – Geeky Weapons

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GRDsWeekly 147 – Geeky Weapons

  • The Ones We Want
  • A Discussion Of Damage
  • Which Do You Want?

You Know You Picked The Lightsaber

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One Response to GRDsWeekly 147 – Geeky Weapons

  1. Bill from Albuquerque says:

    Let’s see…For personal combat, I’ll take the Ahn-woon and lirpa used by Vulcans during Koon-it-ka-li-fee (the challenge issued by the bride to be if she wants out of the arranged marriage (see the Original Series episode “Amok Time” for reference), a phaser rifle or better yet a phaser cannon for maximum damage if forced to defend a position, and in space I’ll take a Romulan bird-of-prey (stealth attacks), Klingon bird of prey (diversion), Klingon D-7 battlecruiser (for light work), Defiant (bait), and a Constitution-class starship to actually get the job done because Galaxy-class starships are for posers. In no way would I ever want a Star Destroyer, Super Star Destroyer, or even TIE fighters anywhere near me. Hey, if they can’t even protect two Death Stars from destruction by a rag tag fleet of ships, would you?

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