GRDsWeekly 166 – The Bat & The Bane

Whatever Happened To The Batusi?

Geeky Week

  • Flynstress
  • Hol
  • Kever
  • Flynn

GRD News

Geek News

GRD Mail

  • Ryan Is Whimsical
  • Terry…. Continued
  • Balarion Sends A Voice Mail
  • Anna Returns!!!
  • Jonathan And Spidey

GRD Con Report

  • Where To Go To Get Your Geek On


GRDsWeekly 166 –┬áThe Bat & The Bane

  • A Look At Nolan’s Last Chapter
  • The Comics It Pulls From
  • The Characters
  • A Moment Of Silence

Ok Superman…. What Ya Got?

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2 Responses to GRDsWeekly 166 – The Bat & The Bane

  1. Listening to the episode haven’t finished it yet but man the Flynntress is going a mile a minute, love it. I totally didn’t know you guys were in Richmond man its a small world.

    On the topic of Dragon con I will be there with my podcast cohost and a couple friends so I plan on dragging them to you guys live podcast as I had a blast at Balticon at the live show you guys did with Tee and Pip.

    well I am going to finish the episode so I am sure I will be comment against once its done lol

  2. so….I am back and you guys definitely said what I said on my cast last week batman was a good movie, it had its flaws but it was good though I think yours was far more up lifting than mine lol

    I also agree with the catwomen thing, she should have been totally more seductive and saucy with “THE” Batman lol. Bane best acting in the movie, suave, menacing, and down right cool. any one who can rock a leather coat like that with the popped collar and not look like a major tool is awesome in my book.

    I liked the scarecrow as the judge but I got the feeling it was meant for the Joker but yeah it was a good movie I think its worth another viewing, most definitely

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