GRDsWeekly 186 – Great Geeky Romances

Geeky Romance

Love Is A Many Splintered Thing

Geeky Week

  • Flynstress
  • Bruce
  • Flynn

GRD News

Geek News

GRD Mail

  • Ryan On X-Files, How Cool He Is, and Needing A Life
  • Anna Might Watch New Girl
  • Endigo & Presidents
  • Rob Watches Archer
  • Anna Has A New Phone

GRD Fit Club

  • All The Geek Without The Weight


GRDsWeekly 186 РGreat Geeky Romances

  • The Couples
  • The Movies
  • The Books
  • The Quotes
  • What Makes Them All Work

This Is True Love… You Think This Happens Everyday

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