Wizard World Comicon Richmond: Day 2

Wow, what a day!  Thousands of Geeks descended on the Greater Richmond Convention Center today for another amazing day of Wizard World Comicon Richmond. Day 2 is far busier than the kickoff and Friday’s events. More people, more celebrities in attendance, and tons more costumes!

J. August Richards lit up the room during his panel. A gracious and humble actor, he shared stories from Buffy. S.H,I,E.L.D., and his first film Good Burger. When asked what his dream super hero project would be, Richards told the crown that as an actor and kid who read comics that he is already living the dream by playing a man who is a hero but does not know he it yet in the Marvel Universe (Deathlok).  One question in particular caused an eruption of applause when Richards clarified that yes he would like for S.H.I.E.L.D. to be part of the Infinity War but when pressed if he thought it would happen merely stated “I am not at liberty to talk about that” while wearing a huge grin on his face.

Milo Ventimiglia was very open about his thoughts on Heroes and the Season 2 missteps. He shared his belief that Peter Petrelli most likely blew up from all the power within. Ventimiglia shared stories with the crowd about Gotham, Mob City, Gilmore Girls, and how awestruck he was to play Rocky Balboa’s son. He brought the house down with a true life story of a hotel employee who stole his underwear.

William Shatner constantly sent the audience into laughing fits. He is, at his core, an entertainer.  His interactions with the guests asking questions were often more entertaining than the answers as his quick wit kept everyone guessing when the next joke would hit. Shatner told the crowd, when asked what the most awe inspiring thing a fan has done, that walking out to panels at conventions and being greeted by the sound of cheers and applause is always a special moment that makes he realize how lucky he has been to be an actor in such a well-loved series like Star Trek.

When the dealer floor closed, the costume contest began and Richmond showed off some fine examples of geekery. Here’s another gallery of pics captured by Billy Flynn, but be sure to check out Wizard World on Facebook for all of the costumes and more.

Here’s looking forward to Day3!



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