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GRD Cinemistress 47: The Addams Family

You know The Cinemistress is a bit on the macabre side, so it is no surprise to see her hanging with her tribe. it’s time to pay a call on The Addams Family! Everyone click their fingers and be sure … Continue reading

GRD Cinemistress 46: Joker

The Cinemistress apparently has a thing for clowns. Bad clowns. Psycho clowns. So she put on some greasepaint and headed to Gotham City to hang out with her newest clown obsession Joker! This one is dark and violent, please leave … Continue reading

GRD Cinemistress 45: Downton Abbey

The Cinemistress isn’t one to put on airs, but she’s got a soft spot for British costume dramas. So it’s no surprise that she donned her best afternoon frock and had tea with the Crawleys at Downton Abbey! Please pass … Continue reading