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GRDsWeekly 277 – Legends of the Superheroes: The Challenging Commentary

Watch It With Us The GRD View Crew Flynstress Flynn Jessica Kever GRDsWeekly 277 – Legends of the Superheroes:  The Challenging Commentary We watch the the classic Legends Of the Superheroes The return of Adam West & Burt Ward Almost a … Continue reading

GRDsWeekly 269 – Dr. Strange ’78 Commentary

A Look Back At The Original Sorcerer Supreme   The Crew Flynstress Saucy Flynn GRDsWeekly 269 – Dr. Strange ’78 Commentary The 1978 TV Movie/Failed Pilot Petere Hooten & Jessica Walter The Music That Symbol Is Everywhere Stan’s Thoughts ‘Till The … Continue reading

GRDsWeekly 248 – Fantastic Four ’94 Commentary

We Sit Down To Watch The Best Fantastic Four Film Yet  GRDsWeekly 248 – Fantastic Four ’94 Commentary The Unreleased 94… Classic? The Drinking Game The Gestures The CGI Thanks Roger Corman… That Was… Someting