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GRD @ Con-Gregate – Geeky Rants

GRD Presents a Panel from ConGregate! Geeky Rants. Listen as as we throttle Pop Culture and lambast the rediculous, so you don’t have to! Featuring Moderator Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit, Tally Johnson, Samantha Bryant and Misty Massey. We cover such topics … Continue reading

GRD @ Con-Gregate – Reboots and Reimagining

Geek Radio Daily Presents a Panel from Con-Gregate! Reboots and Re-imaginings. Taking a look at all the things we love and how they keep coming back. Featuring Moderator Gary Mitchel, Carol Cowles, and Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit. We cover topics like … Continue reading

GRD @ RavenCon – Geeky Rants

Time To Get Things Off Our Chest¬† Should JJ Abrams Be Beaten With A Hammer? Moderator¬†Chris Shrewsbury Bill Mulligan Gray Rinehart Billy Flynn Various JJ Bashing AT-AT’s Bats v Supes LOST Dexter Other Ramblings Ahhhhhh…… Cathartic