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The Wonderful Billy Flynn brings the funny each week on Geek Radio Daily! His daytime alter ego is mild-mannered (well, that part is a stretch) radio station personality at WLEE in Virginia.   He actually gets paid to sit on his butt and run his mouth! His “edumacation” is from UNC-Wilmington, the Columbia School of Broadcasting, and University of Phoenix. When he is not gracing the podcasting airways with his comedic stylings, you can find Billy Flynn on Xbox Live (flynn71), rockin’ out on Guitar Hero or Rock Band, watching movies, reading comics, working out, or posting on the forums at (ding!). email



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Flynnstress brings a sultry, feminine voice to GRDsWeekly and occasionally the Geek Radio Daily show. Flynnstress is originally from Maryland, and went to school at George Mason University and University of Phoenix. The Richmond, Virginia area is now her home. She helps teachers integrate 21st century skills in the classroom with inspiring ed tech. Flynnstress was not always a geek; husband, Billy Flynn, got her hooked on favorites like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, and Firefly. You can most likely find her playing roller derby with the River City Rollergirls or snuggled up with a book. Flynnstress also loves to travel, watches too much TV, admits to being addicted to Facebook, and is trying to save the earth, one recycled can of Coke at a time. email

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Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit has been there since the beginning, deep in the shadows. He’s a new Whovian, Star Wars fan, Whedonist and is known to watch the occasional episode of the Handsome Brothers Ghostbusting Power Hour known as Supernatural. You’ve probably seen him at a con as the Master of Ceremonies or on a panel about podcasting (he starting podcasting in ’03, for Pete’s sake!). You may have seen his alter ego, Richie Muenster on a burlesque stage as an emcee (he keeps his clothes on, he’s read the petition). PRS is also the current reigning 3rd place champion of SparkCon’s Pun Tournament, likes long walks on the beach and his turn-ons are metal bikinis, goth girls and Nathan Fillion. FACEBOOK or email.


Retired Hosts

Saucy joined the GRD Crew after having receiving an upgrade to full member from Intern status.  He likes Doctor Who, Western movies, binge watching shows on Netflix late at night, and cooking/experimenting in the kitchen…most of the time with delicious results.  Saucy now calls Richmond, VA home, but he originally hails from Roanoke.  He is also interested in fishing, foraging, and being outdoors.  You can find Saucy at conventions like Mysticon and Ravencon, and if you see him there you should buy him a drink…but not The Kraken.  And, yes, despite the baby face he is old enough to legally consume alcohol.  So, get to know Saucy and you’re in for seriously good times, with a side of some hilarious shenanigans.


Image by PRS

Jon Stallard, AKA “The Vicar” co-hosted the weekly Geeklabel Radio show, as well as Geek Radio Daily. He has worked in terrestrial radio for 23 years, and presently co-hosts the WRAR morning show in beautiful, historic Tappahannock, VA. He holds undergraduate degrees in History and Political Science, and a masters’ degree in Education, and is co-founder and Vice-President of the Real Media, Inc. radio network. In his spare time he is a professional heraldic artist, historian, medieval genealogist, and student of all things ’80s.





The Bruce held the third chair on the weekend show, GRD Weekly. Bruce went to Virginia Commonwealth University studying Exercise Science with a minor in Physiology. When he isn’t at the gym, either working out himself or training a client, you can find him at home with The Wife and his three step-children. Bruce has been a geek for a long as he can remember.  He even still owns a Star Trek uniform from his misplaced youth. He is a big fan of television, movies, and music. Bruce tries to bring a little bit a sanity to the show and his knowledge of health and fitness to help keep all the geeks out there around and ready to take over the world.

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