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GRD Contest – Intoxicant Sommelier

Do you think you have what it takes to be the Official GRD Altered State Correspondent? Record a 30 second political ad telling us why you think you should be chosen to be our Pharmaceutical Correspondent. You can record it and sent it to or leave it on the voicemail, (510) GRD CREW.

The contest will run until Wednesday, March 22nd and we’ll announce the winner on Friday the 24th. The winner will be responsible for providing two reports a month telling us about the movie of their choice and the best way to watch it, whether it’s baked on a hard to find substance, over the counter cold meds, or the distraction because your puppy just ate your favorite sunglasses.

Good Luck!

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GRD Promo 01 – 2017

Since there’s a new cohost, it’s time for some new promos!

This 60 second spot features the delightful Mikey Mason of the Beer Powered Time Machine Podcast!

Click the page at the top to get all of the awesome promos!

If you use one of these promos on your show or in your feed, let us know!

If you’d like to send us your promo, email it to!


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