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Geek Radio Daily June 11th 2008

It’s A Weeeeeeeeednesday Show So The Comics Are Coming TV Pages Geek Mail Dave Says No Matter What Do Not Watch The Other Boleyn Girl Indiana Jim Explains The Vicar’s Old Man In A Robe And Asks Flynn The Future … Continue reading

Geek Radio Daily May 27th 2008

We’re Back From Balticon! TV Pages Geek Mail Frank Provides Elizabeth Berkeley’s Current Whereabouts David He Hears TV Pages The Next Day But Has Some Form Of Special Antenna Dave Corrects Flynn In A Way That Is Not Clear Break … Continue reading

Geek Radio Daily May 21st 2008

Hump Day!!!!!!! Happy B-Day Mr. T! Tv Pages Geek Mail Kory Asks What The Best Way To Spend Star Wars Day Is… Listening To Hot Waffles KapnKrunch Reminds Us All That D&D Gameday Is Coming Soon Kid Ridiculous Says Fran … Continue reading