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GRD @ RavenCon – Geeky Rants

Time To Get Things Off Our Chest  Should JJ Abrams Be Beaten With A Hammer? Moderator Chris Shrewsbury Bill Mulligan Gray Rinehart Billy Flynn Various JJ Bashing AT-AT’s Bats v Supes LOST Dexter Other Ramblings Ahhhhhh…… Cathartic

GRD @ RavenCon – Weird Westerns

Talking Sci-Fi & Supernatural With Horses RavenCon Hittin’ The Trial Nicole Givens Kurtz, R.S. Belcher, Saucy, Christopher L. Smith Favorite Mashups TV Movies Video Games Interesting Tries Till We Meet Again  

GRD @ RavenCon – Cult Movies: A Feature Presentation

Aficionados Discuss The Finer Wares Ar RavenCon  The Feature Presentation Billy Flynn & The Crew Of Charming Underclothes The Movies That Make You A Cult Member When Cult Goes Mainstream The Unknown Cult Future ShadowCast Possibilities A Special Appearance By … Continue reading