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GRD Cinemistress 110: Bodies Bodies Bodies

It’s September! You know what that means? It’s SPOOKY SEASON! Time to watch some horror movies! Yeah, The Cinemistress watches horror most of the year, but now it’s officially the season for horror! So, we went and saw the latest … Continue reading

GRD Cinemistress 108: Prey…and every other Predator movie that has been released.

Ever heard of Shark Week? Well, The Cinemistress just went through Predator Week! This started off as simple wish to sit down and watch Prey, the latest Predator movie. Mostly because The Cinemistress came across some really negative reviews from … Continue reading

GRD Cinemistress 107: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

The Cinemistress loves stop motion animation. Probably because she grew up watch Rankin Bass holiday specials. So, naturally she decided to check out a new movie theatre in her city and watch Marcel the Shell with Shoes On! Let’s just … Continue reading