Geek Radio Daily Feb 29th 2008

The Dynamic Duo Returns

TV Pages

GRD Mail

  • Dave Says Dr. Zhivago Is Tedious
  • Valharic Is Sending UsĀ  A Gift That Can Destroy Towns

Break (Heart Of The Hunter)

New Movies

  • The Other Boleyn Girl
  • Penelope
  • City Of Men
  • Semi Pro

Geek News

  • New Iron Man Trailer
  • RIAA Is Not Paying The Record Companies
  • SCI Entertainment Cancels 14 Projects (Come Back Lara Croft!!)
  • The Lego Morepig?
  • Age Of Conan Beta
  • New Line Is Enveloped By Warner Brothers
  • Robots Will Kill us All

Have A Great Leap Day

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2 Responses to Geek Radio Daily Feb 29th 2008

  1. Sam Chupp says:

    Hey thanks for the promo play!!

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