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GRD@RavenCon 13.5 – The Tick

Comic Tick. Cartoon Tick. Live-action Tick. The other Live-action Tick. We discuss our love for the Big Blue Bug of Justice!

GRD@RavenCon 13.5 – Riffing

Just because we make it look easy, doesn’t mean it is! Monica Marier, Syrnix, Carol Cowles (The Cinemistress) and PRS talk Riffing!

GRD@RavenCon 13.5 – Halloween – Geeky Christmas?

Halloween isn’t just about candy any more. It’s become the second most celebrated holiday, and the biggest victim of the War of Christmas (seriously? Xmas decorations in August?!?). Pamela K Kinney, Carol Cowles (The Cinemistress) and PRS discuss Halloween!