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You may know that making a podcast can be expensive.  From sound cards, to mixing boards, to microphones and cables…it all adds up.  Plus, we love to travel to conventions and meet our amazing listeners in person…and give away prizes when we play games like “Sho’ Nuff or Oh, Hell No!”

We will never charge you to listen to Geek Radio Daily.  But, we are making it easier than ever to help us out, if you are so inclined.  Even if a small percentage of our listeners become supporters through Patreon, with a small monthly contribution, we can continue to provide you the high quality podcast you have come to expect….plus, maybe even bring back the highly popular DAILY SHOW….yeah, it’s Geek Radio Daily…we haven’t forgotten!

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Wizard World Richmond – The Night Before

                         Kever…. Jim Jackman (Spaceball’s Major Asshole) & Flynn

Wizard World Richmond   is in town this weekend (Jul 31 – Aug 2) and we got to drop by a pre-party at Strangeways Brewing hosted by The CW Richmond. Strangeways  made a nice selection of Geeky Drinks for the evening including a Pink Power Ranger and Adamantantum Melon. The CW Richmond provided prizes via drawing including iZombie and Flash Gear as well as Blu-Ray seasons of Arrow. The Big Prize was a Flash pilot script autographed by the cast that went to a very excited gentlemen who was glad he stayed for another drink. The night before also provided a chance to reconnect with other Geeks in the media community including Brad Kutner, Editor of Gay RVA, and Sean Korsgarrd. the guy who got the info from James OBarr.


It was a fun evening and a nice calm before the storm of a con weekend. Last year’s event provided an excellent weekend and all indicators say that this year is going to be even bigger. If you are ready for a weekend of celebrities including William Shatner, Billie Piper, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Doug Jones, and Comic legends like Marv Wolfman, Jame O’Barr, and Mike Grell, plus Cosplay and a dealer’s room with every geek treasure you can imagine…. then we will see you at  Wizard World Richmond.

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GRDsWeekly 251 – Video Game Cinema Fantastique

A Discussion Of Translations In Medium                        \

Geeky Week

  • Flynstress
  • Kever
  • Flynn

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  • Bronethumb’s Jurassic Thoughts


B reak

GRDsWeekly 251 – Video Game Cinema Fantastique

  • The Movie Games Of The Past
  • The Movie Games Of The Day
  • The Movie Games Of The Future
  • A Review Of Pixels

Pass The Controller





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Geek Radio Daily July 29, 2015

Halfway…. Well… Except

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We Are Off Till Monday

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