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You may know that making a podcast can be expensive.  From sound cards, to mixing boards, to microphones and cables…it all adds up.  Plus, we love to travel to conventions and meet our amazing listeners in person…and give away prizes when we play games like “Sho’ Nuff or Oh, Hell No!”

We will never charge you to listen to Geek Radio Daily.  But, we are making it easier than ever to help us out, if you are so inclined.  Even if a small percentage of our listeners become supporters through Patreon, with a small monthly contribution, we can continue to provide you the high quality podcast you have come to expect….plus, maybe even bring back the highly popular DAILY SHOW….yeah, it’s Geek Radio Daily…we haven’t forgotten!

So, please check out or click the image above to make your GRD hosts the happiest podcasters in the whole world!  You can also e-mail Flynnstress at for more information.

Thank you in advance for your support.  Remember, every little bit helps, so anything you can do would be greatly appreciated!

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GRD Cinemistress 59: Tenet

The Cinemistress is out! She actually left the house and went to an actual movie theater! Ring the celebratory bells or something! Look, she’s really happy to be in a movie theater, okay? Indulge her. She went and saw Christopher Nolan’s newest movie Tenet. ?tiaw eht htrow ti saW ?dnim reh wolb eivom diD !ees dna netsiL

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GRDsWeekly 292 – Horror Express

Let’s Watch A Movie

GRDsWeekly 292 – Horror Express

  • Flynstress
  • PRS
  • Carol The Cat
  • Hawl Sera
  • Kever
  • Flynn
  • We Are Watching The 1972 Christopher Lee & Peter Cushing Flick
  • Based On Who Goes There By Joseph Campbell
  • This Film Is Public Domain!!!! Enjoy
  • Send Us Your Best Lines

Hope Ya Don’t Get Bad Dreams

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Geek Radio Daily October 16, 2020

Pre MJ B-Day

TV Pages

The Chad Update

  • What Show Are They On This Week?
  • #TeamChabby

GRD Mail

  • Mark’s Various Topics
  • Jared Knows
  • Your Name


Friday Flicks

Geek News


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