GRD Weekly #10 – Iron Man

Hey The Gang’s Back Together Again!

Geeky Week

  • The Bruce Has 2 Exams Left, Caught Up On BSG And Went To Ravencon
  • Flynn Is A Dancing Fool, Played Tons Of Mario Kart & GTA IV And Recorded The Great Genuine Sun
  • The Vicar Actually Read Some Comics, Went To Ravencon And Removed A Schiza Virus

Fit Club

  • Stick To The Plan Even If You Miss Some Gym Days
  • Surgery Is The LAST Option
  • Next GRD Weigh In Is In Two Weeks


Iron Man

  • 9 Pants Around The Table
  • Realistic Character Relationships
  • Amazing Practical And CGI Effect
  • Robert Downey Jr. IS Tony Stark


See Ya Next Week!

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