GRD Weekly #17 – Geeky Vacations

What The Deuce?!?!??!! An Honest To Goodness New Show?

Geeky Week

  • The Bruce Went On Vacation, Saw Kung Fu PONDA And Did Other Things I Do Not Recall
  • Flynn Went On Vacation, Read Comics And Watched Kung Fu PANDA
  • The Vicar Was Left Behind, Read Some Comics And Saw Bee Movie

Geek Mail

  • A Collection Of Voicemails Talking Zohan, The Lovely Lady Flynnstress, Hulk And Jabba Ramblings
  • A Major Voicemail Announcement

GRD Fit Club

  • It Is Weigh In Day – The Vicar And Flynn Lose Weight
  • More Injury Questions from The Vicar


Geeky Vacations

  • Inspired By The Geeky Things Now At Walt Disney World
  • The Gang Talks The Gloucester Ren Fair
  • Various Amusement Parks
  • Cool Geeky Places To Relive Your Favorite Shows
  • Plus A Few Others And A Look At The Joys Of Car Travel Today Versus When We Were Kids

Yes We Got Bored When The Vicar Left The Room And Started Feeling The Groove… You HAve Done It Too!

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