Geek Radio Daily July 31st 2008

Hey The Gang Is Back… Again

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  • Jonathan Would Like To Be On The Dragon*Con Show
  • Trent Is Playing Some 3.5 D&D


New Podiobooks

  • fan Arioch has compiled another collection of Sigler short stories in BloodCast, Season 2: 10 more bloody episodes featuring the Parsec nominated stories “Kissyman & Screamin’ Jesse Dupre” and “Passenger” as well as Scott’s unique satire of the Peanuts “You’re a Damned Fool, Charlie Brown.”
  • The 20th and final installment in Greg Crites’ tale, Dunkin the Vampire Slayer is out; a 450 pound vampire slayer, a drunken, acid-tongued detective, a good natured carpenter, bureaucratic vampires, giant anacondas, mutant vampire bats, oh my!
  • Letter from China by Peter James Froning: a poignant and irreverent diary of the author’s yearlong (2001-2) experience of teaching English to college students in Beijing, People’s Republic of China. From the very first pages, the author draws you into his struggle with a culture worlds away from his comfort zone.
  • Jeff Burton adds a collection of Young Adult (and Family Friendly) titles with his novel, The Round Red Stone: This tale concerns a lad of twelve, who sets off unwillingly on a journey with his uncle. In the course of his adventures, he obtains a stone, whose ultimate meaning is tied up with the fate of a war between two cities.

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Now We Can Really End The Show

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