Geek Radio Daily September 4th 2008

Thank Goodness The Weekend Is Close

TV Pages

Geek Mail

  • Kory Wonders If Google’s Browser Can Out Fox Mozilla
  • Sam Says See Ya Next Time
  • Kid Ridiculous Apologizes For Missing DragonCon
  • Big Orange Michael Calls The Vicar A Poser


Podiobooks Update

  • · Stacey Cochran’s The Kiribati Test; Kickass scifi and crime fiction collection in the tradition of Philip K. Dick and Jim Thompson.
  • · After a brief hiatus while some publishing issues were taken care of, I’m happy to announce that the final four episodes of Bill Pawley’s The Chocolate Frog Sailors is now complete!
  • · Tiara Fay’s novel Chase Around The World is complete! Podiobooks first romance title is an intricate web of passion and deception, set in steamy, tropical India, with plenty of sexual tension and emotional conflicts

Geek News

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