Geek Radio Daily September 25th 2008

Weekend Eve Is Here…. Let’s Go Have A Beer

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  • Elf Explains How To Earn The Rights To 11 Herbs And Spices
  • Butch Invites Us All To The Bigfoot Conference
  • Jonathan Loved The Heroes Premiere
  • Kory HAs Jack Palms Info


Podiobooks Update

  • · Margaret R. Taylor is a serialized audiobook machine. On September 15th, she started releasing her Young Adult fantasy tale with political undertons, Grizelda.And now some eight days later, ALL 28 EPISODES are now live. Holy cow! Now that’s how to get a book out there!
  • · Abigail Hilton releases her second book in her series, The Prophet of Panamindorah, Book II Wolflings and Wizards: Things have gone horribly wrong for the fauns at the spring festival of Lupricasia. A princess has been kidnapped, and visiting feline dignitaries have been blamed for the kidnapping.
  • · Teel McClanahan III is back! His latest free serialized audiobook is Lost and Not Found: One man’s journey all the way from being laid off from his mundane corporate job to becoming the author he truly dreams to be by following his attempt to write his first novel.
  • · Bob Rench adds to our Inspirational Fiction category (well… maybe ‘creates’ is more accurate) with Jabez: Conceived in Pain, Delivered in Victory: Journey back 3,000 years in history to learn from and about Jabez, an obscure Old Testament figure from a forgotten time whose prayer had a significant impact on the history of Israel

Geek Mail

The Weekend Is Almost Here

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