Geek Radio Daily October 2nd 2008

What??? WHAT????

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  • Drace Knows Where The Vicar Was


Podiobooks Update

Want FREE audio fiction? Podiobooks .com has got it! Here’s what’s new this week:


  • · Please welcome Rhonda R. Carpenter to the site, as she begins serializing her audiobook, The Mark of a Druid: When twenty-six-year-old Eve McCormick awakes, the images from her nightmare are indelible. The dream feels so real she must force herself to get a grip. This experience is just the beginning for Eve, a Los Angeles clinical hypnotherapist and researcher investigating whether reincarnation is fact or fiction.
  • · Douglas Sarine and Kent Nichols, the forces behind Ask A Ninja are proud to present The Ninja Handbook. This book looks forward to killing you soon. After much debate and in a spirit of morbid amusement, the International Order of Ninjas has chosen to produce The Ninja Handbook, the first-ever secret ninja training guide specifically designed for the non-ninja.
  • · Crazy Gone Love, the self-described “chick-lit” novel by Cate Brody is now complete with 14 episodes


Join the Podiobooks bandwagon! It’s easy, free, and awesome. As soon as you finish listening to today’s edition of GeekRadioDaily, take your attention and your fingers over to

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Wow.. Can We Do It Two Days In A Row?

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