GRDsWeekly 55 – An Evening With Pip

Come Gather For Awkward Silences

Geeky Week

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GRD Mail

  • Drace Is S-M-R-T
  • Andrew Digs Those Brit Accents
  • Pantless Anna
  • Jabba’s 1st Time
  • Bell!!!!!
  • Jabba And The K7
  • Chooch In Space!!!!1
  • Jabba And Identity
  • The Doctor Has A Thing Or 2 Ta Say
  • Jabba Has The Greatest Idea Ever
  • The Doctor Likes It Safe
  • Jonathan Asks Whassup Wit The DSV Hate

GRD Fit Club

  • All The Geek Without The Weight


GRD 55 – An Evening With Pip

  • How Long Before Someone Goes There?
  • Oops… Already Did
  • A Look At The Works  Of Ms. Phillipa Ballintine
  • More Flirting
  • Why Tee Morris Makes The Vicar Uneasy
  • What Is Coming Up

Now Everyone Cleanse Themselves

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