Geek Radio Daily 19 August 2009

Yer’ Uncle Vicar takes a minute from his busy schedule clipping his toenails to bring you a show!

New comix this week, my people!!

PROMO: Pip’s Weather Child

Vicar’s Toybox

Geek News

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One Response to Geek Radio Daily 19 August 2009

  1. Glenn Webber says:

    Since Billy wasn’t available this morning, the Vicar didn’t use a unique rhyme for 2009. Instead the old standby “all the geek without the wait” was utilized.

    I, for some reason, heard this tagline with fresh ears and realized that there was still potential for this classic.

    A tagline re-imagining, if you will.

    The Geek Fit Club: All the Geek, Without the Weight.

    This comment licensed under the Creative Commons, attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives, United States, 3.0 license.

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