GRDsWeekly 81 – Ethics In The Dealer Room

Welcome For Another Gathering Of Geeks

Geeky Week

  • Flynstress
  • Bruce
  • Flynn

GRD Mail

  • Stephen Wants Connections
  • Kory Sent This Link
  • Ryan Shows His Wrongness
  • Anna And Her Show
  • Dragon Master And Phones
  • Elizabeth Does Not Want To Stand And Game
  • Sam Defines Us
  • Darren And Themes
  • Anna Talks Phones
  • The Doctor And Endigo
  • Lizard Checks In
  • Jabba Gets To The Point

GRD News

GRD Fit Club

  • All The Geek Without The Weight


GRDsWeekly 81 – Ethics In The Dealer Room

  • To Bootleg Or Not To Bootleg
  • When Do You
  • When Don’t You
  • What Should be The Rule?

Can You Believe How Few Eppys Of LOST We have Left?

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