GRDsWeekly 88 – The Doctor Is In

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GRDsWeekly 88 – The Doctor Is In

  • A Look Back At The Season
  • How Does It Fit With The Relaunch
  • How It Fits Overall
  • What Are We Hoping For

Even Peter Cushing Would Do

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3 Responses to GRDsWeekly 88 – The Doctor Is In

  1. Bill from Albuquerque says:

    Hi gang, love the topic for this weeks sWeekly. However, there are a couple of things about Doctor Who and every regenerations first encounter with the Daleks-it takes the Daleks a while to figure out that this guy claiming to be the Doctor really is their arch nemesis and must be “exterminated”. It happened the first time I remember with Jon Pertwee (Doctor 3) and I think that it has also happened with Peter Davison (Doctor 5) and Colin Baker (Doctor 6). I can’t remember if it was the same for Patrick Troughton (Doctor 2) and Sylvester McCoy (Doctor 7). As for Tom Baker (Doctor 4), I wasn’t really much of a fan of his (Blasphemy I know the cry will be from a lot of the fans of Doctor 4). Also, we first saw the Black Daleks during Patrick Troughton’s run as the Doctor, so the “Mighty Morphin’ Power Daleks” aren’t really a new idea but maybe they finally had the budget to buy some cans of Krylon paint. It also took the Cybermen a little bit to catch on as well. I would love to see the Whomobile from Jon Pertwee’s time make a reappearance again to see what it can do because I think of a vehicle that looks like an early 1900’s automobile driven by the Doctor has some features that would be impressive if put to use. Think of it this way, if the TARDIS has an infinite number of rooms in it for different things (how many control rooms have we seen over the years?), then what could we do with the Whomobile as seen by others? Just a thought.

  2. Bill from Albuquerque says:

    Here is a small mind bender to think about concerning the number of regenerations left for the Doctor. At the end of the “The War Games” storyline, when the Time Lords basically banished the Doctor to Earth they regenerated him from Patrick Troughton (Doctor 2) to John Pertwee (Doctor 3). Since the other regenerations have occurred due to severe damage to the Doctor and this one was forced upon him, does it count? We find out during Peter Davison’s (Doctor 5) run that he basically lives 13 lives because he can regenerate 12 times from his original lifetime and at the time he had 8 more left after regenerating 4 times already. I know that this has been modified since the show has returned to the air but I wonder if part of the current storyline could include problems with the Doctor being able to apparently regenerate an infinite number of times now and the effect it might have on him physically and mentally.

  3. Bill from Albuquerque says:

    I went back and saw “The War Games” storyline and in episode 10 of the storyline and it reminded me of why the Doctor feels like he does about his people and it reminded me of something else as well-we don’t see the regeneration from Patrick Troughton (Doctor 2) to Jon Pertwee (Doctor 3) as the Time Lords banish him to Earth of the 20th century and change his appearance and with a TARDIS that can’t go anywhere. Also, someone mentioned an unaired episode from the Tom Baker era. The only storyline from that era that I know of that never aired on TV (including on the BBC) was “Shada” because for some reason they never finished filming it and parts of it were used in “The Five Doctors” after Tom Baker said he would come back to do it and then stiffed everybody at the last minute and for the longest time has had the attitude towards being the Doctor that Leonard Nimoy had in the ’70’s about being only known as Spock (and I believe that 2010 is the 35th anniversary of his book “I Am Not Spock”.) Anyway, love the show and am surprised at being the only one to leave commentary on the Doctor. As a note, I put the Doctor number behind the actor’s name in case any new Whovians aren’t quite sure so they can go back to see the Classic stories and have a rough idea who was Who at the time.

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